Makes You Stronger

It seems the entire world is over flowing with pop punk bands these days. The legacy of Blink 182 and the like is that those kids that adored them are now at the age where they are now the bands to listen to. So what have the latest band, Call Off The Search, got to make them stand out from the vast crowd?

Well for starters this EP, "What Doesn't Kill Us...", is six tight tracks with all four band members working and playing off each other extremely well. Although there are plenty of standard pop punk sounding moments within the tracks, Call Off The Search produce regular moments that make you think "Whoa, that was pretty damn good", such as the thumping instrumental interlude on 'Too Many Bad Guys, Not Enough Time' and the electronic intro on 'One Way Ticket' which leads seamlessly into some nice guitar.

With deals in place both here, with Engineer Records, and over in America, with Pacific Ridge, the Kent lads have an exceedingly good chance to crack the nut that is the pop punk scene and have not harmed their chances with this impressive EP.