Yeti's 'Never Lose Your Sense Of Wonder' Single

Yeti are a band who have gone back to the 1960's to reinvent 'flower-pop' and attack various venues around London and The UK’s top 40 singles chart. This Double A-side single includes ‘Never lose your sense of Wonder,' 'Working for the Industry' and a demo called 'Midnight Flight'.

Opening track 'Never Lose You Sense Of Wonder' is a classic representation of 60's pop. Tipping the hat to such legends as The Beatles. In places, the song sounds similar to Don Mclean's 'American Pie' accompanied with a slinky guitar and swift bass line. Some great melodies and vocal harmonies are what make this song such a great pop ditty. A catchy tune indeed.

'Working for the industry' is slightly different in tone, still revolving on those traits many classic 60’' songs are based upon but it is not as 'happy-sounding' as the first track. Nevertheless it is about the daily grind of work, the strong pulse of the snare drum really gives a special touch to the song that relates to the theme of the song. Although there are some clever musical parts in the song, it seems that there is no meaning within the song. It's too polished and clean to show true emotion and the vocalist doesn't inflict any feeling in his singing hence making the song slightly boring.

The final track is 'Midnight Flight' and is quite a smooth song. A bit too similar to the song 'Mellow Yellow' but apart from that, the song is complimented with a great bass line and some nice drum parts.

Overall this single is quite enjoyable; it has three distinct songs all superior in their own separate ways. Although the music is in no way exhilarating, it's certainly perfect for those who are fans of the indie rock scene and those who enjoy older bands such as The Beatles or Buddy Holly.