Music From The Big Think

Following in the timeless melodies created by Bob Dylan and the Band, from the Big Pink to the Basement Tapes, "Draw A Line" reverberates with more than a nod to past song writing glories. However much like the wonderful Felice Bros, Yngve & The Innocent have crafted a warm slice of rootsy Americana demonstrating that with persistence and belief comes beauty. 'If you keep on fighting' and 'Or be diverted from the course' fire a warning shot, letting you know that to take the easy option is not always the best option and sticking to what you believe in is certainly evident through the traditional quality of this song writing. Recorded live in the studio this contagious message is backed by a band fully behind its creative ideals, with the ivories being tinkled to such an impressive extent, it's like the ghost of Richard Manual is right in there with them. In these days of throw away consumerism and ever changing trends it's great to hear a band that are in for the long haul when producing this years vintage.