Nowegian blues-rock? Hell yeah!

First of all, what a misleading name. Karnival Korpus's sound is steeped in blues-rock riffage, with slight nods to Sixties psychadelia and Southern rock. Far from their roots in folk-rock band Hogweed, you'll also want to discard any assumptions you have previously made about Norwegian music.

This is a hidden gem of modern blues-rock. Although clearly harking back to Sixties and Seventies influences like Cream, the sound is bang up-to-date with darker tones closer to grunge and "stoner rock". 'Giver of Pain' is a down-and-dirty slow stomper that sounds as if it has been plucked out of the air from its seemingly obvious hypnotic sway. 'Trespassing Thoughts' and 'Don't Use Me' have anthemic choruses that would appeal to fans of QUOTSA and Soundgarden right through to Free. It's driving music; real wind-in-your-hair whiskey-down-your-throat freedom stuff. Moving effortlessly from dark and heavy to outright rockin' twang, KK are nothing if not versatile.

Title track 'Midnight Creeper' twists your perspective again. What should by rights sound like it would be a sleaze-fest of grinding hooks, actually turns out to be a soulful Southern-tinged ballad of love, remorse, and longing. Ringing guitarwork, heavy bass sound and perfectly non-invasive drumming complement the heartfelt, grungy vocal delivery perfectly. Karnival Korpus should have an excellent reception in the UK blues-rock community if they keep working at this level. Still not sure about the name, though...