Out of this world.

Rock and roll is re-born. London based five-piece, Leika have bought music back down to earth. It's all here; an awesome dual guitar attack, thundering and kinetic bass playing and unruly drums that never fail to control the beat of the song. Yet Leika are that brand of brilliant rock and roll band and more. In addition to the basics, they have warmth and a diversity that far outshines their contemporaries and 'Space On Tuesday' is the purest evidence of this.

Leika's debut album is a kaleidoscope of melodic and accomplished song-writing that has its roots in the past as well as the future. Not only do they possess the archetypal 'last gang in town' ideology in an industry where band culture is dying out, they have ideas; new and fresh ones. Lead singer Romano Giorgi's vocals are warm and welcoming, yet they have a passion and sincerity that few can match, he is the link between the listener and the band, delivering colloquialisms effortlessly, 'She went to Paris in her Toyota Yaris', he is the 'everyman' that anyone can identify with.

'Think about it, let the tide take you away' is an image brimming with such contrast, do you relax and forget your troubles or do you fight against nature? It's these small questions that make Leika so unique and complex. 'Indigo Skies', where the aforementioned lyric is taken from is also complex in another way. The group's secret weapon is introduced; the saxophone. History has told us that this instrument and rock music can work well together; Roxy Music, Dexy's Midnight Runners? And indeed, this only adds a deeper and more sophisticated dimension to album. Indeed, so effective is the saxophone on album highlight 'Mary', a song that also features euphoric guitar slashes, that it gifts an atmospheric, dark and foreboding undertone to the song and subsequently, acts as a spectre of gloom and uncertainty over the entire album.

Leika are one of those bands that are incredibly diverse and proud of it. They can write flashes of infectious pop 'Love Love Love' and understated and gloomy poetic hits such as 'Mary'. They are a band to relate to and enjoy, unafraid to challenge listeners and inspire them to form their own band. 'Space On Tuesday' is an extraordinary record that bleeds passion, excitement and experimentation. A complete gem and an exhilarating listen.