A fortunate discovery.

Tender, sweet and melodic, 'Good Fortune', the latest single to be taken from Howard James Kenny's forthcoming debut album "Shelter Songs", is a perfect encapsulation of the artist's sound and spirit. "Ever since I first smiled at your eyes" is a line that firmly evokes the whirlwind and chaotic emotions of falling in love, and the inevitable loss of control over one's self as powerful feelings take hold. Kenny's lyrics are intensely poetic and doused in Romantic imagery "I never thought your path would cross mine", contains such a beautiful and sensitive metaphor that suggest that Kenny would be more at home in a poetry book than a record.

The gentle strumming of his acoustic guitar slowly builds the song from its opening, with the artist intricately picking his instrument delicately and carefully, showcasing a musician very much at one with, and losing himself in the music that he is creating. Despite the raw sound of an acoustic guitar forming the foundation of the track, it also benefits from the gentle and understated orchestration driving it towards the climactic ending.

Indeed, as the song reaches its peak, Kenny's backing vocals also join the mix of effortless guitar playing and sweeping instrumentation to add further depth, dimension and feeling to the song. Doubtlessly tender and hauntingly melodic, this depiction of a passionate love is strong and will resonate intimately with any listener. A gorgeous listen.