The placebo effect.

Love Amongst Ruin, the band fronted by ex- Placebo drummer, Steve Hewitt have unleashed the new single 'Alone' from their eponymous debut album and the single is crammed with catchy hooks, unrelenting choruses and a bassline that propels the song forward. 'I can't replace the girl that you were to me' is a lyric that taps into the non-stop instrumental interjection, breeding themes
of angst, desire and obsession.

Though the song contains these themes, it fails to capture the full imagination of the listener. The guitar playing here is pretty standard, and the song isn't exactly full of revolutionary music or lyrical brilliance. The video for the song does much to influence the ghostly and atmospheric vibe of the track and is beautifully shot and produced, though this cannot replace the song's lack of individuality, and becomes just another three-minute pop rock song without its input.

Overall, a good song but the track's simplicity and predictability let it down, a decent effort from a decent band.