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The 'Sunday School EP', the debut release from the raucous Kitten is an exploration of the best that pop, new-wave and punk have to offer. Fronted by distinctively voiced Chloe Chaidez, the band honour a punk ethos that has existed within independent bands since punk first broke in the UK in 1976. Everything about the band is simple. But this isn't a setback; it actually succeeds in producing a dynamic and distinguished sound. 'Kill The Light', a slow burning opener that eventually showcases the band's immense talent is one of the definite highlights of the record; the group flirt with electronic instruments throughout in addition to gloriously executed punk playing. Chaidez channels Yeah Yeah Yeahs icon Karen O with her sensual, sexual and trashy vocal delivery and it soon becomes clear that a distinctive line can be drawn between the two bands. Smatterings of electronic combined with the very real and solid unit of guitars and drums and a sexy, daring front woman, the New York garage band are an obvious influence.

On 'Chinatown', relentless drumming, ambient keyboards and the sweet vocal harmonies of Chaidez succeed in creating a track that sounds and feels great. 'We can dance in the white light' is a chorus you can expect to hear repeated over and over again in your local hip indie club, backed with a big wall of noise courtesy of drummer, Max Keuhn, bassist Zach Carper and young guitarist Andy Miller. It appears that the band are incapable of writing any other than succinct and unassailably catchy pop-punk songs. 'Allison Day' begins with a bundle of guitar noise that if one wishes to call avant-garde, wouldn't be out of place on an album featuring Lou Reed, but despite its rollicking introduction, it is the tenderest moment of the album. Miller's elegantly plucked guitar adds to the sombre tone of the song as Chaidez unleashes her extraordinarily sweet vocals, she may be tough and feisty but 'Allison Day' shows her softer side.

'Sunday School' is a debut EP that offers a small glimpse into what makes Kitten tick. Raunchy, cool vocal stylings backed up by a band that are a force to be reckoned with, with each one vital to the upkeep of the group's sound, Kitten embody the 'last gang in town' mentality that has shaped many punk acts before them. Looking for a new iconic front woman? Chloe Chaidez in all of her Karen O-esque glory could be the one for you. A fierce, arty and exciting debut from a fresh new band.