Ha Ha Goodbye - The Jude

Watch out world, theres a new band on the scene and they demand your attention... please!

From the very start of their debut single 'Ha Ha Goodbye' The Jude's music stands out. Frontman Gav Duffy using his rich, smooth voice to great effect as the staccato beats create a song that pulses through your body.

With 'Ha Ha Goodbye' The Jude have crafted a sound that is familiar yet fresh, evoking hazy memories of early 90s British indie but with a depth that adds a rich fullness to their songs. Their talent is clear as they expertly blend instruments and backing vocals to produce a solid base for the rapid fire lyrical melody.

'Ha Ha Goodbye' is up beat and punchy and if you really listen you'll find it's a lyrical gem. It's one of those songs that catches you from the get go and keeps you coming back for more. It's 'vicious skiffle', it's fresh and it's ready to change the face of rock 'n' roll.