No Lost Cause

The last 12 months have been a quiet period for Hertfordshire trio Lost Without Cause, most of which was spent recruiting a new drummer after Rosetta Holmes parted company with the band. The remaining members, bassists and lead singer Si Marks and guitarist Andy Holland could have found a quick replacement and carried on immediately but they decided to take their time and get the right person and in JJ they seem to have found a great replacement.

New album, "Take Back Everything" seems to show the band have been rejuvenated with the new arrival, a harder feel to songs than previous with the drumming being a catalyst to this new approach.

Comparing Lost Without Cause to fellow Watford natives, Gallows, is as pointless as comparing a mars bar to a giraffe, comparing them to fellow Herts rockers The Subways is a better approach by far.

Although there are only 7 tracks on this release, they all speak volumes, even the obligatory ballad 'Sense' passes the test. All 3 band members are clearly talented musicians and writers. Andy Holland's guitar playing is quite often sublime and if you are only going to have one guitar player the bassist and drummer need to be able to step up to another level and thankfully both Si and JJ do just that.

The stand out tracks on the album is clearly 'Trigger' and 'You Won't Know'. 'Trigger' would make a great live set opener with its bouncy feel and 'You Won't Know' will make a perfect set closer with its rocking opening, anthem chanting chorus and a real atmospheric ending. If they perform this as good live as they do on record then it will be one hell of a live song.

The alternative rock genre is one tough nut to crack but with "Take Back Everything" Lost Without Cause are showing they may just have the right nut cracker.