The Story of the Foo Fighters

The "Back and Forth" DVD is an epic journey that covers the entire Foo Fighters' career from conception- taping the initial debut as a one-man project on a cassette to recording the latest release and seventh studio album, "Wasting Light", on a cassette in Grohl's garage. This is not just another self-promoting biopic; this is a trawl through classic and rare archive footage, poignant memories in interviews, and the inspiration behind every song and background to each recording.

As we could expect, the story would have to begin with Nirvana. There are so many articles and films about Nirvana out there, but few show the real effect Kurt Cobain's passing had on Dave Grohl and Pat Smear as individuals and fellow band members. When a tough punk rocker like Pat Smear chokes up whilst talking about Kurt's overdose in Rome, his last phone call, crying for help and his final demise, it brings a lump to your throat. This respect is paid at the front-end of the movie, but they do not dwell on the subject. It could also be intended to bring some form of closure to the whole Nirvana vs Foo Fighters saga. Dave Grohl makes it very clear that Foo Fighters is an entirely different entity, and the continuous comparisons made between the two bands or naive interpretations to find references to Cobain in every song is getting to him, after a very successful career as the front man for Foo Fighters.

The film takes us from the original recording Dave Grohl made eight months after Kurt's death, recorded on a cassette tape with him playing all the instruments, leading to Dave putting the band together with Pat Smear on guitar; and employing bassist Nate Mendel and drummer William Goldsmith after the disbandment of grunge band, Sunny Day Real Estate, who was incidentally signed to the same label as Nirvana, Sub Pop. The movie also touches on all the internal politics of the band, including the brave decision by Grohl to re-record all the drums on "The Colour and the Shape", without Goldsmith knowing, and ultimately replacing him with Taylor Hawkins.

Just like any other band, The Foos had their fair share of turmoil in the band like when key member, Pat Smear, quit or Taylor Hawkins came close to quitting himself, which almost led to the Foo Fighters disbanding, but instead the band went on to become one of the best rock bands of the naughties, winning various awards, releasing seven studio albums and completing successful tours and festivals, including two sold out nights at Wembley Arena in 2008.

"Back and Forth" is an incredible and inspirational journey through the events that led a man to recover from the saddest day of his life to set up a band that achieved the ultimate rock icon status. The movie is filled with in-depth interviews with all the band members, past and present, and lets the viewer into the inner circle of the band; this is a must watch for every fan and perhaps a useful introduction to the odd unconverted out there.