A talented bunch of misers

Brighton's The Miserable Rich have unleashed their tribute to late James Bond and film soundtrack extraordinaire, John Barry in their latest single 'Anything's Possible. Indeed, the track is layered with the strings, the jazz-like swing and intricate percussion that underpin many a James Bond film and many a James Bond theme song. The group's vocal stylings though are very much indebted to the harmonies of 60s groups such as The Beach Boys or The Beatles, as the theme of a dead relationship is explored and mulled over with lyrical regret, sorrow and poignancy.

After several listens, the lyrics to 'Anything's Possible' become prophetic with 'under your skin' being the most adequate description of song, which feasts on a smorgasbord of instruments and plays cleverly with melodies and catchy phrases. The Miserable Rich have created a song that Barry would have been proud of, and although too small scale for a Bond film, possess a richness of image, sound and musicality that make the band stand out from their contemporaries.