Return to sender

Garbage return with a record that sounds like Suzi Quatro doing an impression of Pat Benatar (ask your parents) with guitar chords that could have been lifted straight from the "The Hard Rocking Book of Guitar Licks". Shirley Manson is in fine fettle though, her voice powerful as ever, still looking like Kate Moss in a fright wig and coming across as the definitive paranoid girlfriend from hell. Her vocal gymnastics almost save the day, but the sheer bombast of proceedings take the whole thing off into the realm of ridiculousness that makes the option of keeping a straight face pretty much non existent.

The flip side "Nobody Can Win" is a downbeat American radio friendly AOR ballady track that leaves little impression outside of Manson's voice and some bitter sweet lyrics. Her vocals are again affecting, but you really do get the impression they're wasted on this kind of material.