Saltstone - From The Saltstone

Saltstone is a four-piece rock outfit that bring to the musical table a combination of raw British punk/rock.

This release "From The Saltstone" opens on a high with 'Black Lanes Beano' and instantly introduces a listener to a rather rugged vocal, some fast paced lyrical content and some hard-hitting melodies. At times the fast paced nature of the song is somewhat difficult to grasp and follow, particularly the manner in which the lyrics of the song blend in with the melody; however, the song instantly makes you want to hear more. Then there are tracks such as 'Youth Spent', which develops this vibe much further, introducing backing harmonies that make a united presence and at some moments make a listener instantly want to chirp in. There is also 'Shotgun Diplomat' which gives out more of a punch. Alongside these tunes and a few others there are some lighter tones, ones that tend to offer a softer touch to the band however as they progress, still retain a tougher and rougher exterior and authoritative ambiance while developing on the catchy melodies.

Although the tracks themselves are a very melodic listen, enjoyable and easy on the ears, it is the lyrical content of the songs that make this record worth a listen. Each track is written as if telling a story to the listener, exploring emotions and experiences through words and placed into a melody of music. There are times, such as on 'Outside The Town', where words play on the mind, unconsciously driving a listener to visualise what the lyrics are saying. Having moments like these where listeners can practically become a part of the track makes the entire album a well worth listen.