Anthemic indie-rock

The extreme and self-consciously English accent that accompanies the almost spoken vocal delivery and the gentle pace at the start of this single from Reading's Pete and The Pirates mask just how incredibly infectious and memorable it is; once the fantastic main riff starts in and the beautiful vocal harmonies bring in the great tune, the track really kicks into gear and turns from what sounded like it was going to be an awkward, low key indie number into a soaring rock anthem which builds over and over, catching you off guard and sucking you in. The more you listen to it, the more you find yourself expectantly straining towards those moments of anthemic bliss and wanting to put it on again straight away. This is a super catchy pop-rock chorus wrapped in moody atmospherics and it works brilliantly, making 'Half Moon Street' more than a pleasant surprise, but a single to come back to again and again.