Hardcore Punk

Raw and uncompromising three track hardcore punk EP from You Dead! The opener, maniacally entitled 'SICCIH2R4MCT', is a short blast of guitar, drum and vocal shouts, draped in scuzzy lo-fi distortion and with the odd off-kilter riff thrown in, it's excitingly rough around the edges but also has some great melodic moments from the guitar.

The record is reminiscent in no small way of 'Damaged' era Black Flag, that's never a bad thing though and in old school punk style, is finished in not much more than 7 minutes. You Dead! don't hang about, with the fast paced 'Coffee' aptly over in the blink of an eye. The final track 'No Love', is an almost epic length tune, clocking in at over three minutes, and it ends proceedings on a high; distorted through and through with quirky vocals and drums falling over each other in fuzzy organised chaos, building to the barked final shout. Tasty.