Tellison Edith

'Edith' is taken from the bands second album release 'The Wages of Fear', and is a jolty, punch in the gut type song that will have a listener hooked form the get go!

From the moment this tune begins melodies fly and really gasp the attention of a listener. There is something addictive, memorable and movable, particularly when the melodies are situated alongside the vocals. Although vocals on this song are not particularly unique, stand out or impressively stunning, there is something about them that is endearing, particularly on the chorus where they break free and really make the song one a listener can't help but want to join in with, sing along to and enjoy as much as possible. The vocals blend brilliantly and suit the track remarkably well, able to change paces and offer the song what it needs. The addition of harmonies towards the end of the song gives it that extra oomph to make it even better!

This track would go down a treat in a live set, blowing the crowd away. If this song is anything to go by, bring on the album!