Firing Both Barrels

With the steady slap of a bass line toying with a matching drum beat, Johnny Get The Gun's latest single, 'Take It' doesn't appear to start out life in a blaze of frantically infectious energy. But don't let appearances fool you. Whilst the Essex four piece are misleading you with their playful intro, underneath, behind the scenes so to speak, the Essex lads are letting their plan come to full effect, purposefully gaining your trust before bombarding all with a blast of contagious riffs, foot stomping beats and take no prisoner choruses that demand full audience participation. This is straight up guitar rock at its best as 'Take It' picks up momentum, cheekily throwing in irresistible gang chants before easing off the gas and building to an epic striving climax, you'll be left striving to muster that last bit of energy just so you can hit the play button once more.

B side, 'In The Middle' drives home the promise of JGTG further still as a blend of pop punk fun and energy join the guitar rock party, making for a lethally infectious cocktail. Packing hooks aplenty alongside their contagious blend of pop punk meets guitar rock, JGTG are a band bursting with promise and ready to explode.