Ourfamous Dead - I Am Human

"I Am Human" is the debut EP from West Cumbria quartet Ourfamous Dead and it packs quite a punch.

'Rate My Heart' is the album's opener. Although it begins with the screams of one individual, it grows into something that will really inspire the ears. The first half of the track is very vocally aggressive, shouting the words alongside the electro-tinged guitar riffs. The second half of the tune is where the magic happens. The vocals unite to make some brilliant harmonies, while the music is toned down a notch to make these vocals dominate the tune. 'United' is an upbeat and fast paced song that has a poppier side to the band appearing, particularly at the chorus. Through the verse the lyrics speed their way through the music while on the choruses take a moment to catch a breathe and enjoy the sounds emitted from the band.

'Great and Inevitable' once again has a tinge of electronic buried beneath the unified vocals and guitar riffs. The EP closer, 'Untitled Part Two' takes the electro elements to the next stage making them much more of a focus on some areas of the song, notably on the chorus. However, the way in which they are fused alongside the vocals and guitars make it a tough track to conclude with.

Considering The Blackout, My Passion and Enter Shikari are among influences the band have had in mind when creating this release, with "I Am Human", they have managed to create four terrific songs; upbeat, catchy and memorable. Bring on the album!