trioVD X

The genre of experimental jazz is often so neglected from the consciousness of mainstream music but has been embraced by so many, including the likes of Mike Patton, The Dillinger Escape Plan, Dream Theater and many more. And every once in a while an album will come along that will well and truly spin one's head inside out and back again. The latest EP from Leeds jazz nutters trioVD has certainly done that.

Opening with the pseudo metal stomp of 'Tulisa', you are immediately given the impression that this is not going to conform to the norm at all by any means. With saxophone and shredding guitar in a mind-boggling unison and with a large helping of jarring electronics thrown into the mix, the wig is truly flipped a full 360 degrees. Everything in this EP comes at you from all angles, to some it could be very disconcerting, but to those who find method in the madness, the blinding delivery is nothing short of jaw dropping. It's unpredictable, off the wall and takes you completely out the comfort zone kicking and screaming. The pace is goes from full-on frenetic to an almost trip-hop/post-rock chilled effect with the closing track 'Kelly' displaying a multi-dimensional approach to the song writing.

And once you realise all four tracks of the EP are named after the X-Factor judges (Tulisa, Walsh, Barlow and Kelly) you can see the massive amount of irony being presented on display here. The faces of manufactured and constructed music being almost parodied with free forming and deconstructed music. It is easy to see why these guys are being championed by the likes of extreme-jazz savant John Zorn with the high levels of musician ship that sprawl away into multiple directions. With four tracks of controlled insanity that bring jazz into darker and more twisted territories whilst sticking a proverbial middle finger up at the mainstream, trioVD have managed to have created a twisted lunatic ride that is thrill from start to finish.