The Bleeps - Half Broken Things

There's an overwhelming cheekiness that exudes from The Bleeps. It's always dangerous territory to incite that sort of response the 'cheeky spectrum' can range from anything from the knobbly knees of Just William to the buttock-spilling hotpants of The Cheeky Girls. The sound of latest single 'Half Broken Things' sits comfortably somewhere in between...

It's made for dancing to on those nights where photos are taken that should never be tagged. The repetition of the bass line and high-pitched guitar riffing makes for plenty of fun matched with the rakish charm of most of your other unpretentious indie punk-scuffed pop types. It's loud, it's got the swagger of a London twang and an infectious energy that runs up behind miserly sourpusses and pulls their pants down. Not in a perverted way... as in a pesky rascal way. Crikey, that could be misconstrued.

The Bleeps are made for those who love the instrumental construction of indie but favour the affable vibe of pop. For an extra dose of high-speed melodies, do turn to B-Side 'Fuck Me I'm Famous'. It'll burrow it's way into your head something rotten, but you'll probably enjoy it.