Story So Far - Under Soil And Dirt

If Walnut Creek California has not already had your taste buds clenched and drawling around the likes of pop punk rockers Set Your Goals and This Time Next Year, then have a listen to The Story So Far and try to say you are unimpressed.

The Story So Far has already pleased the crowd with their two previous EP's, but it is likely this follow up release and debut full-length album "Under Soil And Dirt" that will put their name on the map. Paying homage to some of the kings of punk pop such as Blink 182 and Green Day of which they have been influenced by among many others, this quintet adds some hard-core elements to their pop punk sound to create their own unique blend of raw, catchy and honest songs involving themes such as growing up, getting over tough break ups and finding a place within this big bad world.

With thumping guitars and double paced drumming blending together to create some slick melodies and rather punchy rhythms, the album gives off that youthful adrenaline rush that sends you thumping your fist into the air and fiercely shaking your head in a crowd of thousands of people doing the same, while yelling the words of a song you have been listening to day and night. From the intro of 'States and Minds', which really sets the theme for the rest of record, it continues to impress with their powerful, punchy anthems. Vocally the tunes are heartfelt while fervent with a tad aggression at times; it is when the harmonies and duel vocals kick in that things really let lose and kick off.

With the level of passion, dedicateion and determiniation that has gone into createing "Under Soil And Dirt", it is difficult not to be impressed by this debut. It sends one reminiscing back to first hearing such bands that have come before them and realising how far those guys have come. If this record is anything to go by, The Story So Far has only just began to make a name for themselves in the music industry and by the sounds of it, have a bright future ahead. Go grab a copy of "Under Soil And Dirt" and you are guaranteed not to be disappointed.