You Love Her Coz She's Dead self-titled

You Love Her Coz She's Dead is a Brighton based duo consisting of Elle and Jay that share a passion for creating electronically infused music. You may recognise them and their sound after they played one of their previous singles on the third series of Skins. However, this CD dives into the psyche of the band much more.

This debut self titled album release, combined of brand new tracks as well as some re-workings from the previous debut EP, singles, remixes and compilations, is a ten track non-stop power punch of electronics that shatter the mind of the listener. There is nothing that musically stands out and impresses a great deal as each track follows a similar style with just a slightly altered electronically focused melody. Each and every track rumbles in one after the other, never really stopping for a minute's silence. At times the style can be extremely overpowering, drilling into your mind and never really letting up until the concluding number.

Among the thumping beats and distorted melodies, there is the occasional breathe of fresh air, although a deep breath is out of the question. The closing number is the most evident of this with 'Softer Cell' being not only much shorter in duration, but vocally dominant rather than the electro elements standing foremost above everything else. More songs such as this one would have been gratefully welcomed, as the vocals generally don't make the songs shine as they do with this closing number. While they are able to intertwine themselves perfectly within the style of music created, the shouting manner could have been lessened and the singing strengthened to really build on the electro foundations of each song making a number of individually memorable songs rather than a blurred forty minutes or so.

As a listen in the car, home on your CD player or even on the dance floor, this album would go down a treat. However, it is a little difficult to imagine it being perfume live on stage to an anxiously waiting cowed. When You Love Her Coz She's Dead head out on tour, all will likely be revealed.