Rejectioneers '25' Review

The Rejectioneers appear to be a one of those slow bands, practise and practise and practise - play shows live without releasing an EP or album until now. "25" comes in the shape of 5 tracks, a blend across genres that produces a memorable sound.

Opening track 'Murderers' just takes too long to get into, the opening verse gives off that blend of indie rock from the 90's with the likes of Jimmy Eat World, the vocals of Ben Walker mimic that of JEW's Jim Adkins. Flowing into an infectious chorus that could fit well onto a small stage at a weekend festival.

Follower 'Get So Mad' again, has the same flaws as 'Murderers', the track just takes so long to warm up. A slow song can be a slow song but an upbeat track shouldn't take a minute to get into the swing. When it does however, the rest of the song follows suit and truly gets into the feel of the song. Sing-a-long choruses and a verse to scream your heart out too, had it stopped changing it's mind between a mellow track and something much heavier.

'Buried Treasure', the intermission cuts in between the album, worthy of a spot on some romantic drama Hollywood film's soundtrack.

Closing two, 'Wake Up' and 'When It's Over', show the EP in it's full swing. Vocals, guitars and drums come together to create a much better track that flows from start to finish. An infectious chorus and the feeling of an anthem.
This all feeds together to create "25". An EP that takes it's time to warm up before taking a break and getting into full swing.

The Rejectioneers show potential for sure.