Threads - Surgery EP

A promising outlook faces the release of Threads "Surgery" EP, with a mix across the 4 tracks of heavy drums, funky baselines and keys that replicate those of Editors, White Lies and Interpool.

Title track 'Surgery' opens the record with a heavy riff matched alongside lively drums, including a sound that would sit well in a retro 70's club with Dab Goodrich's raw vocals giving it a slightly melancholy chorus which wouldn't sound odd coming from a track by Joy Division.

'Rosa Parks' follows next, displaying that hearty centre of true British punk at its best, it's a track that is easy to visualise being played to a packed club and one of the best live atmospheres possible.

Taking a different turn with 'St Albans', Threads slow things down with a heartfelt slower track where the keys from Dan Page really give the track a distinctive feel. The repeated guitar note creates a sound that's almost haunting and as the song reaches its peak it hits hard and transforms into a rocking tune worthy of a festival stage appearance. A great baseline and a massive chorus bring 'St Albans' into its own.

Closing up the EP comes 'Everything' starting off subtly before rushing into a simple riff that allows the track to soar into something incredible. Joined by a forceful drum riff played with passion, all closed off with that Deep Purple esque organ from Dan Page and the passion and rawness of the vocals from Goodrich; he really makes you believe the lyrics he screams.