Charming Jazz Fusion from Israel

Jazz fusion from Israel? That's certainly not the sort of genre you'd expect to come from the Middle East, nor something you'd expect to hear everyday but that's exactly what Oz Noy specialises in, what's more he's good at it. Extremely good. Oz Noy certainly has a lot of experience behind him, starting his pro-career at just 13. Experienced and varied in his range of genres, covering everything from blues to rock, Oz Noy is a sort after and extremely talented musician, playing among Israel's top musicians by the age of 24.

His sound is very unique and refreshing, combining elements of pop, rock, blues, funk and jazz all into one style that is perky, mysterious and full of character. Oz Noy certainly knows his stuff, displaying a seasoned and tasty selection of guitar skills ranging from summery chops, mellow melodies and sonic assaults using arrange of effects. To put it simply, a guitar in the hands of this varied and highly acclaimed musician can be anything from a gently purring lap-cat to an untamed, wild beast of the night depending simply on the mood of the tune.

Oz Noy also works extensively with other jazz legends on this album, including Anton Fig and Mike Stern to create a refreshing, cheeky style of jazz-fusion unlike anything you've ever heard before. While the guitars dance their funky tunes, a variety of effects overlap and intertwine with the harmonies to create a summery feel. This is music akin to the kind you might hear played in a coffee shop only ten times classier! The sound varies extensively throughout the album from track to track. In "Chillin'", the mood comes across exactly as the title may suggest. It is mellow, relaxing and breezy in its tone, giving the impression of being the type of song you'd want to listen to on a summer's afternoon while lightly sipping on an iced tea, a light mellow and chilled out summery bliss packed into just a few melodic lines. "Say what?" is completely different, contrasting mellow tones with a light humorous and perky appeal while the sparingly used vocals add a finishing touch, although this makes the melody a little too harsh towards the end. The flowing and smooth "What Love Is" follows on from this and swamps you with romantic guitar riffs that are full to the brim with seductive and passionate quality, perfect for those candle-lit romantic nights. "Hit Me" follows on from "Say What?" but sees the introduction of bubbly rhythms from bongo drums and other selected percussion, and a faster, livelier approach to the already unique feel to this wonderfully diverse and delightful album.

In short, you'd be quite right in thinking that Oz Noy has a varied and diverse feel to his music. Like others have previously claimed, while his playing may resemble "a chainsaw in a hotel closet" one minute or "an alien bug in its death scream" the next, the impact of this charming, unique and very talented jazz guitarist will always be very unforgettable.