Casiokids - Aabenbaringen Over Aaskammen

Jumping straight out of the biggest music scene in Norway, 'Casiokids' are getting themselves out there. With a very cool and composed style of electropop, new album 'Aabenbaringen over Askammen' explores this to the max.

Opener, 'Aabenbaringen Over Aaskammen' and also the title track, has a very enlightening atmosphere that opens up the entire album appropriately with a mix of cello, reeds and horns hinting at just how diverse this album will be. Tracks such as 'London Zoo' and album stand out 'Det Haster!' include their signature high register vocals layered over ticking edgy synthscapes. The use of almost wild tones and bouncy guitar hooks take tracks in strange and unnatural, jungle like directions; 'Dr Tarzan Monsoon' brings back earlier sonic tones of the band's previous tracks, whilst 'Elefantenes' just sends a listener out on a Caribbean cruise across the sunny beaches with a sound that is so exotic it just spurrs a getaway mood and the desire to lock up your door and just listen to the music.

All in all the album just has RELAXATION written all over it yet it's a tidy and neat relaxation that makes you practically drift to sleep.