Sport of Kings - Logic House EP

Sport of Kings seem to be a band that haven't half caught the eyes of the public lately, without a massive sign of a stick in the mind track, but there are bittersweet melodies and catchy riffs that can leave a short tune jingling in the back of your mind as you turn it off at the end of the record. The EP has that kind of lasting effect on any listener; it's pleasant on the ear with subdued energy and explosive melodies that increase the desire for one to return to the repeat button and play it all over again.

Opener 'Free Jazz' atarts the EP with a free for all joyous sound and laidback attitude, it's the most visual of the EP, with a quiet confidence, it sways and washes over the listener in gentle tones with a summery warmth, it transports the listener onto the beach in some exotic summery country and then flows onto a sun kissed walk along the riverbank in the caress of the departing dusk of a summers day. All in all, of the four tracks from the EP, 'Free Jazz' moulds together the best of song related visual metaphors with lively and expressive tones accompanied by the smooth brass lifting the track that little bit more.

Second track '1964' follows with a slightly more robust sound, through it flows the same happy go lucky feel of 'Sport of Kings'; it's well crafted to support that lively and engaging sense it brings forward. The guitar riffs are much more strongly featured in this track but mixed together with the overall track rather than leading the tune.
'Preface' and 'Some Histories' close the EP, both together are less urgent, they please whilst playing but despite again their craftsmanship they don't spark that desire to listen again and again or sing it randomly. It's good whilst it plays but once it's stopped it's gone. Involving again that soft, smooth layer of brass and almost reserved flow away from the rest of the band it all lays beneath the vocals that coat the track and finalise the sound.