Mixtapes - Hope is For People

"Hope is for People" is the brand new release from pop-punk four piece Mixtapes. Currently in the studio recording their debut full length album really puts into perspective how much promise this band have. Clocking in at just under 9 minutes; "Hope is for People" is a quick record, yet still packed with promise.

First up, is 'Taking a Year Off' and instantly I'm thrown a Goodnight Nurse versus Sum 41 sound with that rawness thrown over the top that demonstrates a true pop-punk record. Complete with simplistic lyrics and a set of gang vocals towards the end, 'Taking a Year Off' invites any listener into the infectious track and really puts the EP into gear as a great opener.

Title track 'Hope is for People' is the longest on the EP at almost 3 minutes with a delicate melody carried out by vocalists Ryan Rockwell and Maura Weaver alongside the acoustic start of the track before it breaks out into the best of their sound; addictive choruses and even more gang vocals. 'You'd Better Bring More Dudes' follows much like 'Hope For The People', with male/female vocal trade-offs before breaking into the genre typical guitar riffs including the three-part harmonies layered over the top. It's a quick song, over in just a minute and a half but it's packed up with action and energy.

'Where I Live' is much like the previous, except instead of slowly warming into the energetic flare of powerful and infectious guitar riffs, the track just bursts straight into it from the beginning. Vocals at one point, however, from female vocalist Maura almost give off the sense that she's trying too hard and her vocals sound slightly strangled. These vocals, however, do improve in 'The New Ride The Lightening', where she resembles pop-punk vocalist Hayley Williams (Paramore). Add some more whoa-oh's and a couple more gang vocals and you've got the stand out track from the EP. Across the track, the vocals get much stronger and the simplistic lyrics drive the song forward in a push before cutting short on the last lyric bringing the track to an abrupt end.

Mixtapes surely show that they've got something to offer. Regardless of how quickly the EP is over, the short tracks that are presented are just a kick back into youth. They give off that carefree lively attitude that causes any listener to relive their younger days when jumping around in a sweaty crowd watching your favourite band was the best thing ever and there wasn't a care in the world for anything else.