Onwards and Upwards

A Place To Bury Strangers return to kick off the new year with a stomping new EP, their first release with new label Dead Oceans, on 6th February.

"Onwards To The Wall" will not disappoint any current A Place To Bury Strangers fans, it has their hallmark feel to it, hard hitting shoegaze with plenty of effects guitar distortion that makes you wonder what new pedals Oliver Ackermann has built this time. Ackermann's haunting vocals remain and even the female backing vocals on the title track add to the ambience of the EP.

"Onwards To The Wall" also sees the first studio release recorded with 'new' bassist Dion Lunadon and proving that the band have lost none of their edge in replacing the popular Jonathan 'Jono MOFO' Smith.

Just like their previous releases, all the tracks feel right at home and would make great inclusions to their mind blowing live shows, a true sign of a great release.

The five tracks are a must have for any existing fan. A must discover for everyone else.