Split EP

This split from It's Just Vanity and The Ground is Lava will be a dream for post-hardcore and old school emo fans. It's Just Vanity have a nice line in distorted guitars playing fiddly riffs and half sung/shouted vocals, they also inject a touch of post-rock with dreamy walls of distorted noise. Their first track Second Elevation is a blissful mix of uplifting melody with intricate riffs and scuzz, very tasty. Are You Aware Of Garfield? is punchy and great to jump around to; great vocals, a two and a half minute gem.

The Ground Is Lava open with You'd Rather Ride Your Bike; tones of old school emo filter through the full, warm sound, sweet lyrics, great riffs and an addictive sing along melody with screamed vocal harmonies. DJ Baby Bok Choy doesn't break 90 seconds but is an upbeat tune with danceable rhythms and makes you wish for more. We like.