Straight Lines - Half Gone

After spending time in musical limbo after the demise of Said Mike, the previous band of lead vocalist and guitarist Tom Jenkins and drummer Dane Campbell, Straight Lines seemed the perfect outlet for their musical creations. Having just come off tour with the likes of Canterbury, Straight Lines are all set to release a new single Half Gone ahead of their second album Freaks Like Us.

This new single is just as energetic, hard hitting and bubbly as the bands previous material, but certainly shows some growth in the style. Things sound much more focused, intense and tougher with this song, bubbling to the surface a rather rockier Straight Lines than previously experienced. With guitar riffs punching a hole through the atmosphere, topped off by the vocals of Tom, which are just as charming as ever and have even more attitude, this is the perfect warm up track to the new album.

If you haven't seen Welsh rockers Straight Lines perform live before, you are missing out. Not only can they record an incredible song, but put on an explosive performance!