Modern Day Escape - Under The Gun

Armed with a new drummer; Sandra Alva of Black Veil Brides fame, Ohio rockers Modern Day Escape are back with a brand new album Under The Gun.

I haven't heard much from Modern Day Escape in a few years, so, I'm intrigued to hear what they sound like these days. To be honest, there's nothing outstanding on here to write about, there are a few clever riffs and drumlines, but the music doesn't command your attention.

Much like Modern Day Escape's earlier record House Of Rats the songs are upbeat and punchy, but there are a couple of unexpected twists with Life's A Bitch and Voiceless which are slower numbers, bringing the momentum down a tad. The acoustic styling of Voiceless is a welcome change, and shows off a different side of the band.

Frontman James Vegas seems a lot more focused with his delivery, which has the added bonus of making his voice sound more powerful, especially on tracks like the previously mentioned Voiceless. The band on the whole also seems a lot tighter and they sound more defined. The addition of new members Sandra Alva and guitarist Mark Burn is a definite plus, and they have made the band a much tighter unit.

Overall, Under The Gun sounds pretty much the same as their debut album House Of Rats, maybe they believe they've found a sound that works well for them and just keep rehashing it. It is a shame that their music hasn't really developed, because I do think they have the potential to do bigger and better things.