Chemical imbalance

I remember the Chemical Brothers once saying that their records should take the listener on a journey, listening to their earlier creations this makes total sense.
Sadly it doesn't here, "Believe", taken from the rather uninspired Push The Button LP is a flat linear affair with the occasional wild whooping effect- The Chemical Brothers by numbers with all the flair removed for good measure in fact. Kele from Block Party has been drafted in to occupy the well worn seat of Indie Rock vocalist on a CB track, his display is more than adequate if a little nebulous lyric wise, but ultimately it can't set the record free from its ponderous moorings.

There are a couple of remixes knocking about that are better value though, one by Erol Alkan of Trash fame the other by Canadian techno hotshot Mathew Jonson. Alkan does what the CB should have done to begin with by twisting and messing with things until the whole thing is on the point of collapse while Jonson brings his own take on Detroit techno to the table with a lengthy electronic workout.