Slick and bouncy indie pop

Aerials Up could be part of the continuing commercial indie pop current we've been hearing on our radios since the 00s, and looks set to stick around. There's something of the eternal about a catchy, undemanding sing-a-long melody, the enchantingly twee mixed with just enough rocked up guitar to make pop seem cool enough to indulge in without people thinking you've snuck into Grandma's record collection again.

If the catchy, the heartfelt, the melodramatic melodic, the endearingly pop is what you're after, single The Old and the Innocent might just do the trick. It's delicately rocked up, slick and unpretentious, with the obligatory launch into big chorus and hook. Just the sort of thing you want to wake you up on a Sunday afternoon, with enough anthemic potential to catch the imaginations of bouncy beer laden kids at festivals. A rock solid feel-good sound with a smile that I'll be humming while I give Grandma her records back.