Kasabian Save The Day, But The Troops Are Still On Fire

Ruthlessly combining the generic genres (or the common qualities?) of dance and rock, Kasabian release their latest single, "Lost Souls Forever" in an apparent effort to bridge the gaps between the two major genres of today's music. Packed to the brim with various samples, Kasabian meld these drum loops and reverse cymbals together with their rock instruments to form music that's ever so slightly different, yet everyone should be able to identify with the music. Well, not hip-hop fans, but we don't talk about those guys. The verses comprise of simply thick, one note basslines, drum loops and vocals, whilst the chorus swells with various samples and backing vocals. The song in general is mediocre, not inducing or inspiring any real care for it within the listener's mind.

Now, if you take all this, and reverse some parts; strip other parts of their already boring drum parts, only to add in even more sleep-inducing ones; and just generally leave the song stripped of its nice components, then you have the second track on this CD: the remix. I suppose it is in this regard that Kasabian appeal more to their dance-loving fans, but seriously guys, next time just write a damn B-side song.