Cleavers 7

From the medieval cobbled streets of Elgin, Scottish three piece Cleavers give to us a self titled 7". It opens with the feedback from Girls in their Sunday Best a straightforward build up into a straight garage rocking romp.

With the shouting vocals distorting the 7" sounds a bit like The Bronx but even more rough around the edges. This rough sound is probably because they recorded it themselves with little in the way of expensive equipment. For this great effort which has produced three good hardcore punk tunes, including the catchiest of the bunch Hulk Hands (Cryin' into my Cafetiere), I commend them. So it is nice to discover that with plays on BBC Radio Scotland their DIY ethic seems to be getting them somewhere.

If you want something polished and clean look elsewhere as the only clean guitar serves as a teaser at the end of final track A Casual Box. Fans of DIY punk however, listen up: Cleavers have arrived.