The ID - Age Anti Age

Age Anti Age starts off shaky; the vocals sound oddly muffled and it feels almost sludgey. It's also deceptively slow, but absolutely worth holding onto until the chorus - because that's when it all kicks in. The high octane guitar melody of the chorus slices through the murky vocals to provide something that actually complements the sound quite well, instead of outdoing it. While slightly reminiscent of '70s post punk bands - think New Order and The Cure - there's a very definite influence of more modern bands, and possibly even a hint of early The Killers' sound in there.

That's not to say that Age Anti Age is nothing more than a patchwork of other bands' sounds, because it's not. It's more of an amalgamation; all the influences have their place but don't detract overall from The I.D.'s individual sound. It's interesting, and definitely not for everyone, but there's something about the darkly sticky sound that - for lack of a better phrase - sticks with you.