Zoltar Speaks - Treatment

Somerset may not be known for it's rocking roots, but that's where Zoltar Speaks hail from and they're set to release their debut EP Treatment.

The female fronted five-piece burst on to the UK scene in 2009 and have been compared to the likes of Skunk Anansie, but their sound is much more traditional than progressive.

Opening track A Metaphor kicks off with three guitars riffing, it's impressive and it should sound amazing, but something is missing. It's like all three guitars never quite hit the mark. The track finally settles into a generic metal track, which is disappointing as Zoltar Speaks got so close to delivering something epic within the opening seconds.

Title track Treatment seems to be where the band really hit their stride, and is the obvious choice for the title track and closing number. It is grand and elegant, the guitars are layered perfectly and Louise Body's vocals sound effortless.

Zoltar Speaks have proved themselves to be a talented bunch, and with a little bit more work and concentration they could be amazing. If every one of their tracks sounded as good as The Treatment they'd be onto a winner, unfortunately though, the other three tracks on this EP are easily forgettable.