HeKz - Tabula Rasa

Storming out of Bedford, young guns HeKz release their debut album Tabula Rasa.

Tabula Rasa is the perfect example of a young band allowing old school metal influences to come pouring out of their music. HeKz's music is reminiscent of the likes of Queensryche and The Cult. Frontman Matt Young's voice sounds a lot older than his 22 years.

From the get go, you can hear that the music is well performed and produced, there's no doubt in my mind that these boys know their instruments well, however, it took me a little while to settle into the album.

Vendetta is the most accessible and radio friendly track on the album. If the HeKz boys were to get some airtime I think this would go down well with a lot of listeners. It also provides Young with a great opportunity to really show off his voice.

Darkness Visible is one of the highlights for me, as soon as it started playing I was sucked in by it's pounding bassline; it shows the HeKz's darker more progressive side. Every band member sounds great on this track and I could listen to it time and time again.

Tabula Rasa could be just what HeKz need to reach a wider audience. Their music has an old school vibe with an original twist, and will appeal to a wide range of people; young and old. A stellar debut release.