Sink Swim - Elements EP

As if the US of A doesn't already have UK music lovers losing their minds over enough band they are adding one more with Los Angeles based Sink Swim. The band is the brainchild of singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Dane Petersen, who after years of learning to fuse together beautiful melodies and pop punk elements, teamed up with guitarist Jake Lopez and drummer Corey Backer to become a three piece band.

Elements is their debut five track EP and opens with a kick in the form of Beneath Our Sleeves. This song instantly has a listener hooked, with its acoustic guitar blended with drums and Dane's smooth, youthful, determined and passionate vocal. His American accent makes quite a stand and this is one reason why this and each and every other track on the EP becomes a sensational and enthralling listen. The bands blend of pop and punk elements together creates an even higher sense of gratitude with Losing Sleep, a track that demonstrates Sink Swim's heavier guitar riffs and complex drumming.

The title track from the EP is a slightly slower-paced tune. It is this track in particular that showcases Dane's vocal capabilities to a much greater degree and could literally leave a listener astounded. Breeze kicks in with another dose of rock power, leaving Last Year to conclude the record with a slower touch but one that works up so something explosive and epic.

These three lads have such passion for making music and this comes through on these five tunes. The UK had better watch out as Sink Swim is ready to burst on the scene and by the sounds of this record, they will make quite a splash!