Rush out and buy

Many years ago A had a hit in the form of "Nothing", unfortunately I still remember it. Thankfully "Rush Song" has a bit less throat-ripping yelling and more melodic, but equally raw driven metal.

The opening warped guitar solo shoots you into this snarly, explosion of guitar power. On the hardcore-o-meter it's unlikely to score higher than a Hell Is For Heroes style 7, but there's something very cheeky and full of attitude in singer Jason Perry's vocals that would make me stay away on a dark night.

Lyrics, "Like a wound up toy I'm kicking and a screaming/Emo boy, naive and semi-functioning", are as blunt as the squealing guitars are sharp and it's a pretty well produced slice of melodic pseudo-metal full of energy. "Rush Song" is sure to score well in the charts and bodes well for the band's upcoming album "Teen Dance Ordinance".