Shadows Chasing Ghosts - Lessons (Album)

To say that Shadows Chasing Ghosts' album Lessons has been highly anticipated would be an understatement. Rising further up the metalcore genre ladder and headed towards impounding success, the five piece have gained massive audiences following small headline tours and support slots with some of rock/metal's best bands such as; Kerrang Newcomer Winners While She Sleeps, Arizonian post-hardcore band Eyes Set To Kill and British metalcore band Bury Tomorrow so there isn't a surprise to find that Shadows have found something to get the ball well and truly rolling and sending them down to a ground breaking record.

It's not that Lessons isn't ground breaking, it surely has it's own twists and turns and unique originality that sets it apart from those typical generic metalcore records that are floating about today, however there's still those typical cliche lyrics and massive breakdowns expected, resulting in the record record having that 'samey' feel that bands should try and avoid. However, it's not all on the same straight avenue as debut 'The Golden Ratio', tracks like 'The Lighthouse' and 'The Writer' really display that concoction Shadows are defining as their own individual sound. Bringing together the best of the genre and sticking that with some catchy sing-a-longs, massive breakdowns and guitar riffs that just stick in your head for hours, Shadows have created something spectacular that, at first listen, might seem hard to catch but ultimately sticks in your head and drives you nuts until you listen to it again and again.

What made Lessons the album on the rung two steps above Shadows' debut was the outstanding balance in vocals; vocalist Trey Tremain keeps it strong going throughout and there doesn't appear to be a song that would be guaranteed a skip. The combination of clipped and tidy vocals with the shouting works incredibly to give Lessons that lasting impression that sparks an interest to listen time after time after time.

Later this month, the five piece set out on a small 9-date headline tour in support of the album, which is very lucky for those attending because what explosive attributes that are identified on the studio recordings can only blow up, drive forward and push the boundaries of a kick ass live show to give off that atmosphere live sets seem to be missing now-a-days.

It's certainly an incredible investment and Shadows are one of those bands that are bringing back the talent, the work and the effort the British music scene has missed since the late 60's early 70's and they deserve the recognition to prove so.