Autopsy Boys Rich Kids Playground

This single is a ball of energy that bounces about the room with a hardcore styling. They seem to have adopted the horror-esque description they have been labelled with and used it to their advantage creating a short song that sounds like Frankenstien's monster lurching towards you. Perhaps as they suggest, "it's just another horror story to help you have sweet dreams" - but not if the pounding solo at the climax is the soundtrack to that!

The highlight of b-side Negative 8 is the use of interesting synth sounds in the riff that leads in. The rest of the song disappoints in comparison. The vocals, like the a-side Rich Kids Playground, are punk but with a pop sensibility that thirsts for melody like those of the offspring. It is allowed to come through clearer as there is more space in Negative 8's chorus. Basic robotic drums lead this as they do in the solo and continue without exploration or any derivation to humanise it throughout the rest of the song.