Showbizheroes Thinking & Drinking

Following on from the dim-around-the edges indie-rock tune Climb to Fall, which was preceded by last years debut single Sinner, it is clear that Showbizheroes are a busy bunch. Not only have they already independently recorded a full length, they have also crafted some neat looking videos for both these tunes themselves and invented a few comedy characters while they were at it.

Unfortunately there is no video with silly costumes and physical comedy to pull you in with the Showbizheroes charm on this occasion and what we are left with is a plain song devoid of invention. There is a straight intro that makes for a dull 30 seconds before the bass drops which only serves to highlight the production's lack of width and how everything has been placed in the centre of the mix. The verse houses irritating whiny vocal harmonies sure to stay in your head and bug you for hours. The chorus fairs no better as it exhibits uninspired cringe-worthy lyrics along with wishy washy synth.

Catchy? Yes. Clever? No. Annoying? Certainly.