General Fiasco - Bad Habits

General Fiasco's smooth, velvety indie-pop that we saw on 2010's Buildings seems to have evolved somewhat into a more grubby and gritty sound. The new single Bad Habits, taken from the Northern Irish quartet's second album Unfaithfully Yours, is artfully rough around the edges with scrappy vocals and dog-eared riffs aplenty. Of course, we've heard it all before - the UK is teeming with shamelessly blunt indie-punk bands who make the same snappy, fuzzy songs, all of which tangle together in a huge and impossibly complicated knot. Nonetheless, Bad Habits in itself is quite captivating; the distorted guitars twisting and warping their way around Owen Strathern's raspy vocals gives an eerie and spooky yet elating sensation, and will probably make you feel a bit drunk. It seems like General Fiasco have kicked it up a notch with Bad Habits. It's soaring, euphoric and hook-laden; the slightly dreamy and whimsical feel is what makes it such an addictive listen.