Engraved Disillusion - Embers Of Existence

British quintet Engraved Disillusion formed around four years ago, and now they release their debut full length album Embers Of Existence.

Opening track Wither Away kicks things off in style, while only 44 seconds long, it is dark and eerie. The sound of thunder claps loom while an intense guitar solo builds in the background before seamlessly rolling into the second track As Life Fades. This track is a no holds barred assault on the listeners ears; it is hard-hitting, musically it is perfect but the vocals leave a lot to be desired.

The pace continues with The Forgotten which is full of hard hitting drums and pounding bass lines. This is a great song that really shows off the musical talent of Engraved Disillusion. This is a song that is extremely well performed, and that will become a fan favourite, especially when performed in a live setting.

Epitaph gives you a true indication of the sheer talent these guys have. By far the slowest song on the album, you can really hear individual instruments while they create a classic and melodic sounds. While there's no vocal work on the track, it is one of the strongest on the album.

There's a darkness to Engraved Dissolution's music and not everyone is going to like it but there are some great tracks on the album such as Under Blood Red Skies, which could quite easily be mistaken for the work of Devil Driver.

It's fair to say that Somerset is better known for its cider than it's musicians, but Engraved Disillusion could be on their way to changing that. While it's not the most original album, it is well performed and produced and it's clear that these lads have a bucketload of potential.