Eric Schackne Hammers & Strings EP

Florida born Eric Schackne has always had an interest in the world of music since early childhood, gradually gaining interest in everything from classic rock and pop when he was young, to Nirvana and Metallica, then Dashboard Confessional and The Rocket Summer. With a large portion of his life dedicated to music - whether it is listening to it, learning to play or writing lyrics, this musician has found his passion in life.

Singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Eric Schackne produces each song himself on this piano driven pop rock Hammers & Strings EP. Eric is able to draw upon all the sounds that have influenced him growing up and create a genre all of his own. The opener Well-Dressed Future and Let Me In are subtle and delicate songs, moderately paced with a focus on vocal and lyrics rather than loud and powerful sounds. Tracks such as Art Can Change The World and This Classic Romance speed things up with computer generated drums pounding and all other instruments provided by the main man himself. The latter has duel layer vocals making things better-rounded; this song really opens up the talents of this musician. Loud and Clear is a beautifully passionate song, full of a thirst for making music and making it well. Between music and fast paced lyrics this is a real attention grabber while What I'm Waiting To Hear is another amazing track, this time with closing with a beautiful dramatic conclusion.

This Hammers & Strings EP is a wonderful collection of tracks. Eric Schackne has a full band when playing live so let's hope the UK will be on his tour agenda in the near future.