Gimme that Rock'n'Roll music

Broken Window Effect are a Melodic Punk band from Norwich and here we have three slices of their musical pie. There is no getting away from the fact that musically there are definite comparisons to The Gaslight Anthem and Hot Water Music. Vocally, Dan is about as gravelly as Chuck Ragan minus a bit of bass, and as thoughtfully heartfelt as Brian Fallon, however the British-edge is a welcoming addition.

Opener, Pavements shoots straight in with melodic guitars and a solid drum beat and bass line. It is tuneful without falling into a Pop/Punk banality. This is Springsteen-esque Rock but with a Punk-edge. Broken Bones builds up with some nice beat changes before the vocals kick in giving slightly less melody and giving a more kick-ass tempo. For The Rest Of My Life is for me the best song on here. There is something a little Frank Turner about the simplistic Punk undertone of lyrics, even if there is a pretty nifty beat going on here.

All in all this is a nice EP, which should warm up your cockles, and make your mouth water to the thought of future releases. Currently you can get this for the modest sum of a pound. Bargain.