Sound of a Revolution!

Just in case you don't have a clue at all, Sonic Boom Six are from Manchester, and actually have five members (not six). They are very much a crossover band with a distinctly urban and British sound that mixes Rock, Hip-Hop, Ska and Dance. The band have released four albums to date and this single Virus, comes from the new self-titled album.

Virus is more of a Dance/Hip/Hop track than some of the bands other releases. Starting with synthesizers that slowly get louder, the song builds up before the beats kick in and the familiar vocals from Leila K (the female vocalist/rapper) explode, as she sings the chorus. We then get the rapping verse from Paul Barnes (AKA Barney Boom) that flows out beautifully. It's a great up tempo track that is catchy and can (as the band's other tracks) be reproduced live with the other members playing live drums, guitar, bass, trombone etc. The remix of the song is another good take on the song that gives it a slightly more grimy feel with guitars, and a harder sounding dance beats. Both versions are equally as good, but the album version is the more accessible so it's understandable as to why it has been chosen.

In between these two songs is a track recorded live in Bristol called The Dangers Of Rock N Roll Friday Night It Doesn't Matter, this has apparently been voted as one of the most popular of the band's songs (on the different social network sites) even though it is a B-side. It is in fact a very good example of the band's music. It has a nice bouncy Ska beat with some Hip-Hop sounds. Anyone who is a fan of the band The King Blues will be familiar with the street-sound that has an honest and blunt outlook, and can bridge the gap between Dance, Hip-Hop and Punk with all fans seemingly satisfied with the sound. All in all this is a good solid single and a fine couple of songs.